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Leader: Molly Tenuto

LOGOS is a mid-week, intergenerational, Christian relationship building program for children and youth in Kindergarten through 12th grades.  LOGOS meets on Wednesdays during the school year from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  The Sr. High group meets from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

LOGOS is the theology and practice of Christian relationships in a disciplined, mid-week, four-part context. The Scripture reference upon which the principles of LOGOS are founded is Acts 2:42. The verse reads “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”This has translated into a thirty year ministry at Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church. From grades K to 12th, we practice all the parts of this lesson from the Bible. We have an Activity and Recreation time, Worship Skills, Bible Study and Family Time. We are not alone in our ministry to youth. LOGOS is a national organization that strives to equip churches with the tools and skills to effectively engage children and youth in Christian life. LOGOS has become more than all of those words. It is the cornerstone upon which children, youth, and adults bond together in a unique relationship as they learn together how to become the Body of Christ.

As active participants in the LOGOS Program, we begin to see one another as “children of God”. In learning to treat and care for one another as “children of God”, all children, youth, and adults learn what unconditional love is truly meant to be in the church family.

The LOGOS Program enables us to offer children and youth a disciplined and structured program, where each person may enjoy Christian fellowship through creative recreational activities, participation in worship skills, Bible study, and through sharing a meal together. LOGOS provides an opportunity for every child, youth, and adult to learn and experience what it means to be a “child of God” who is loved. It also teaches that religion is not separate from our daily activities.

Growing up in today’s world is tough. Youth and children must be able to face this reality and live with purpose, hope, faith, and joy. We believe passionately that these qualities of life are uniquely found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. The LOGOS Program exists to help the Church universal foster this relationship through a proven system of nurturing ministry. Our mission therefor is to build Christian relationships, nurture youth and children into a committed faith relationship with Jesus Christ, and prepare them for a life of Christian discipleship.

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