Zoom meetings

The following list is reoccuring  time together  for fellowship and devotion.  The meeting  ID number will be printed but you must call the church for the password.

On Wednesdays, Pastor Mike will be hosting a Prayer Session on Zoom at 11:00 am.
Topic: Prayer Time - a time of praying for others and for ourselves. 
The link to get to the Prayer session is:
Meeting ID: 882 5015 9247
On Friday, April 24,Pastor Mike will be hosting an Adult Study of the Wired Word at 11:00 am on Zoom.
Topic: Adult Study--using "The Wired Word" or another resource that will be made available to you.
The link to get to the Adult Study session is:
Meeting ID: 856 2663 3205
On Sunday, April 26, we will have our Worship Service available on Facebook at 8:00 am and then we will have a Virtual
Coffee Hour at 9:00 am on Zoom.
Topic: Virtual Coffee Hour--discussing worship or anything else!
The link to get to the Coffee Hour session is:
Meeting ID: 826 5385 6066
Thanks, The Web Team.

Worship Service LIVE!!

Our Sunday Service can be watched LIVE on our website and on Facebook on Sunday morning starting at 8:00 am.  

Church Events/Cancellations

  • Palm Sunday Worship Services, Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt are cancelled
  • One Geat Hour of Sharing is collected during Lent.  This offering provides us a way to share God's love with our neighbors in need. 
  • LOGOS, Church meetings, Choir cancelled at least through 5-31-2020


Church Videos available

We now have videos of church services, messages and devotions available on the LINKS  tab on the home page.  Click on the LINKS  tab and select the item you want to see.  


Dear Friends in Christ,

With some sadness, but with confidence that it is the right decision, I report to you that our Session has decided public worship and on-site church activities will be suspended at least through May 31. Previously the Session had decided to remain open, but the situation has shifted since that decision was made. Our worship is now on-line through Facebook (see the link below). Like a lot of churches, we are going to be learning some things "on the fly".

We will have a short Sunday worship service, and possibly daily prayer and meditation (as Molly Tenuto has posted the last two days), available on our Facebook page. You may go to to see our worship service each week.  You can also continue to find the audio recordings on this website. We have applied for the ability to receive on-line giving and donations as well; directions should be available here soon. As always, you can still mail in your donations and contributions. The church's mission and financial commitments continue.

At this writing, Decatur Memorial Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital have implemented policies that make pastoral visits unlikely except in the direst of circumstances. Their policies do vary slightly, and like the rest of us, they are adapting to changing circumstances day by day. For pastoral needs, please feel free to contact Pastor Mike Wakeland at 217-428-2339 or Parish Visitor Gloria Marshall at 217-412-2254. If you are coming by the church and wanting to make sure it is staffed, you may wish to check with the church office at 217-864-2528 or Pastor Mike.

We are headed for a time of "physical distancing" but not "social distancing." We are a church family. We will do everything we can to meet one another's needs, to combat loneliness through the telephone and social networking, and to look for creative ways to adapt to a new time. Remember: "Perfect love casts out fear." (1 John 4:18)  Christ's people rise to these challenges.

Peace be with you--

Pastor Mike