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March 24, 2017, 8:22 AM

Future Story March 2017

Mt Zion Presbyterian Church Future Story

A church that remembers its past will remain faithful to their God. There comes a time in the life of any organization when it is essential to remember the past. For the Mt Zion Presbyterian Church (MTZPC) in Mt Zion Illinois, it was the year 1830. In a small one-room log cabin, the home of Reverend David Foster and his wife, the Fosters provided the initial setting for the beginning of Mt Zion Presbyterian’s first place of worship and prayer meetings. The vision of those few worshipers was simple, but at the same time the hope was for the development of a greater church to serve the many wishing for God’s guidance and direction.  Little did they know that through many structures and a fire, their descendants would brave the elements, natural destructions, and remain resilient to a House of God that has served thousands with a place of worship.  Followers would enjoy fellowship, reading and studying the Bible, sewing, cooking, laughing and praying together. This vision, with the help and leadership of God, continues to be a reality in 2019. “BLESS THIS HOUSE O LORD, AND THOSE WHO WORSHIP WITHIN.”

Worship and expect change in both the individual and the church. A sign on the east entry door of MTZPC states, “Enter, be careful, watch your step, but expect to be changed as you leave our church.” Even Christ when carrying the cross on which he knew he would die, received aid and help along the way. On our vision journey, in order to successfully fulfill our spiritual needs, we expect and need God’s help. At no time do we walk alone. God has perfected the desired outcome and guides us to the completion of our journey and the desired end. A church family of healthy members was shaped by many healing hands and hearts who week after week welcomed members and guests with open arms.

It is important to reflect on our past in order to accept the end goal of a flourishing and forgiving church. It is with this example and guidance that during this past Sunday’s worship we welcomed into our church family new members: Mary and Keith Smith, Todd Jones, Cleo McCully, and Will Smith. The baptism of Chloe Elizabeth Miller was also welcomed by the congregation at the 10:00 a.m. service on February 15, 2019.


Worship that leads to a closer relationship with God is the goal of MTZPC. Fellowship, friendliness, love and concern can bring about change in an individual. Experiencing God’s love and feeling the existence of his enthusiastic presence can change an individual forever. The worship service, music, and prayer can mold and change lives to the point that when you leave our church, you feel and know that your life has changed.  People worship differently and expect different motivational stimuli from the worship service.

MTZPC provides two worship services each Sunday in order to meet the needs of its members. Sunday school,Bible Study, and LOGOS allows an individual to explore and interpret what meets their personal needs.  A variety of worship services and Bible related experiences are available as MTZPC attempts to offer different opportunities which enable members to establish a closer relationship with God.


Fellowship with friends allows a Christian bond to develop between church members.This fellowship leads to a closer intimate relationship with God. Our friendly, loving and supportive members exhibit the characteristics of God and how he expects us to live. MTZPC welcomes all newcomers to a variety of church experiences. Regardless of whether you choose to sing in the choir, play bells, attend a Bible Study, help with LOGOS, become a member of the Women’s Association, or any other activity,your attendance is encouraged and allows newcomers to become an essential part of any group.


A church and a community can work as one. MTZPC has always been very active in community life.  Community missions are critical as MTZPC reaches out to support community missions both financially and with hands-on labor. The year 2019 saw a marked effort in helping and being visible in the community with activities such as the ice cream social, children’s Christmas fund,work weekend at Kemmerer Village, and coats for the homeless allowed others to experience the love of Jesus Christ.


What is your contribution to the Church and God? Many church members spend countless hours serving their church. Some teach, some work with youth or provide meals to the sick, and others provide maintenance and/or yard work. In the spring of 2019 through the organizational skills of Jim Wolf, the care task team evolved into a community service. A number of residents with home maintenance needs such as leaf raking, yard mowing, windows which needed locks repaired, and gutters which neededto be cleaned had their problems resolved by the work of church members. No charge was levied except a smile, a handshake, and a cup of coffee or a hug. This expression of kindness allowed the church and community to bond and learn to appreciate each other in a loving association with God.


Mt Zion Presbyterian Church is more than an hour of worship service on Sunday morning. Our church is utilized most days and evenings of the week ranging from Session and Deacon Meetings, LOGOS, committee meetings, women’s association meetings and also opens its doors to outside groups such as AA and Al anon. A young adult of the church said, “I have attended the MTZPC all of my life, but only when I became totally involved in church activities did I come to appreciate the true purpose of my church and the total love of God.”


What about You and Jesus? Does this future story sound like something that belongs to you? Why not let 2019 be the inaugural year that you treat yourself to a total membership and unity with God? Only you can initiate this process!!



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